New features of SQL 2016

Introduction SQL Server 2016 was (finally) released on June 1st, 2016 with an initial build number of 13.0.1601.5. Microsoft build SQL 2016 keeps a lot of things in mind like Cloud first, Security enhancement, JSON support, Temporal database support, Row level security, Windows server 2016 connectivity, Non-relational database connectivity (e.g. Hadoop), rich visual effects, etc.
In this article, we will take a walk-through all fresh SQL 2016 features and cover them one by one.

Always Encrypted  As the word suggests, 'Always Encrypted' feature of SQL 2016 'Always' keeps your sensitive data 'Encrypted' either at rest (local environment) or at remote (Cloud/Azure). It will help to protect data from people who may play around it like DBAs, Cloud operators, high-privileged but unauthorized users.How It Works You can set Always Encrypted to individual column (where your sensitive data resides). While configuring columns, you need to specify encryption algorithm and …

Difference between Build, Rebuild and Clean

This article gives you explanation about Difference between Build, Rebuild and Clean

If you are using Visual studio you might have question that what is difference between Build, Rebuild and Clean ? here we are going to understand the diversity between them.

Build :
 When we build any solution then Visual studio will build/compile all assemblies (Dlls and EXE's) that are changed, it is basically incremental or partial process in which only CHANGED assemblies are compiled if there is no changed assemblies it won't get build

Rebuild :
It is full compiled case, in which all assemblies (either changed or not) are deleted and recompiled again, irrespective of changed or not

Clean :
It is not compile case, it just delete all assemblies (Dlls and EXE's) from folder but not compiled them again, it remove all compiled files from previous build

Hope you understand this simple article

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ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers

ASP.NET MVC is getting popular more and more day by day, it has different features, it is popular due to its Modal-View-Controller architecture.
This article contains ASP.NET MVC interview questions that will help you to brush up your MVC concepts, this is the one point stop where you can get interview breaker Q & A.

Let's go through it
1. What is ASP.NET MVC ?
This is the most common asked question, it is an architectural pattern which separates the UI and code. It's basically divided into Model, View, and Controller section.
- As name suggest, The View is responsible for the look and feel.
- Model is real world object and provides data to the View.
- This is the heart of the architecture, it responsible for request and loading the appropriate Model and View.

2. What are the features of ASP.NET MVC?
- Clear separation of application concerns.
- Supports for Test Driven Development
- Supports Membership and roles, authentication and authorization, provider model and …

Check all functionality using Javascript in Gridview

This is a small article that helps you to implement popular functionality of check all, it helps you to put checkbox in gridview view header and on click of that checkbox, all check boxes will checked at once

We have to developed a customized outlook a small interface that take care of all incoming mails. This interface is also used to delete the mails if not necessary.
for that use gridview to show all incoming mails and a facility in the form of checkbox to delete them either one by one or all at once. Now a list of problems come up
- How to add a checkbox in gridview header ?
- How check all columns on single click ?
- Can we do it on client side so we can save additional load on server execuion ?

In this article we go through the concept adding checkbox at gridview header, check/uncheck all checkboxes with the help of javascript on client side
here we go to collect cooking material. This simple demo is ready to use and handy in many codes.

What we need to make i…

Tricky SQL Server Interview Question and answers

Are you preparing for a SQL server interview? want some tricky questions and answers that will give you break through ? Then you are at the correct place. Here i have some bunch of tricky SQL Server interview questions and answers that will really help you to go through the interview1.With is the Sixth normal form in SQL server? - Ohhh...You may think that, i have heard about first to forth only but what is this SIXTH? Friends, do not try to impress the interviewer just skip this question.
Sixth normal form does exist but use it when you want a relational system in conjunction with time. At this moment SQL Server does not support it directly.

2. In which Files does SQL Server Actually Store Data? - SQL server has 2 data files associated with it
1. MDF : Which is actual data file storage
2. LDF : (Log data files) which stores transaction log
3. Do you know How many locks are exist in SQL Server ? - We have these many locks exist here, see below
1. Intent
2. Shared
3. Update
4. Exclusiv…

JQuery Interview Questions

Are you preparing a Jquery interview? Then read this blog to know more about JQuery, here I have given some frequently asked JQuery Interview Questions and answers, which will surely help you to crack your interview

1. What is JQuery?
- Most simple but frequently asked question, JQuery is a library designed by javascript, it is light weight, it is simple than JavaScript, it has many inbuilt methods and it can handle events, Html DOM and Ajax

2. What is $ in JQuery?
- Simple it is a function selector or a JQuery object, some says $ is a shortcut to the jQuery function

3. Can i use Javascript and JQuery on same page?
- Yes, we can use Javascript and JQuery on same page, for the use of JQuery we need to add .JS library reference to the page, where as for JavaScript for separate library reference is needed.

4. How to use JQuery?
- JQuery can be easily called with the help of its referenced libraries, first we need to give JQuery library reference to page and then call it using '$' sign

ASP.NET MVC Do's and Dont's/Best practices

Introduction ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller architectural pattern) is getting popular day by day, due to Separation of code, extensive templates, data-binding, test-driven development (TDD), Scaffolding and no view state like features, it has REST and SEO support nature. it is really an plugged and extensible framework. We get complete control over HTML with MVC support.  But before going to code on ASP.NET MVC we should take care of some Do's and Dont's or best practices. Here i am explaining some Do's and Don'ts of ASP.NET MVC code          Many developers/organizations thinking of migrating their exiting application to ASP.NET MVC, This article will help them to understand code facts
Do's and Dont's/Best Practices

1. Business logic should be the part of Model only
Before start code on MVC we should make understand that Business logic should be reside in Model only, it will add your security and code duplication can be avoided. The view load faster as there…